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Unitrust Insurance Company Limited's Core Values is our culture and is defined and driven by a set of shared values which drives the day-to-day functioning of our organization. These core values influence internal and external behavior, guide prioritization in the face of conflicting objectives and influence decision making. The acronym for our Core Values is I-P-I-E.)

  • we shall constantly improve in our work ethic and deliverable and strive for excellence at all times
  • we shall encourage new and cross fertilisation of
  • we shall be innovative that will lead into new markets, products and services
  • we shall respond speedily in the processing and payment of claims as well as in every service we render
  • we shall exhibit a friendly dispositoin in all our dealings with our clients and stakeholders
  • we shall show the customer a "human-face" in our response when in distress
  • we shall exhibit transparent honesty in all dealing with our, customers, staff and shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders
  • we shall exhibit fidelity and confidentiality geared towards winning the customers implicit trust
  • we shall promote a culture of transparent honesty in all staff and in all business interactions within and outside the organization
  • we shall have a culture of doing things right the very first time
  • we shall maintain the ethics of the insurance profession
  • we shall be dedicated to our promise and can be counted on at all times
  • we shall exhibit due dilligence and dedication to the job so as to meet the expectation of stakeholders
  • we shall always deploy cutting edge knowledge of the industry